Why switching to WEED? Get 10 reasons ! 
E-juice for All

  • No coughing anymore, Let your breath free !
  • Healthier than Tobacco !
  • cheaper than Tobacco !
  • Not annoying in sports, Remain Healthy !
  • Not Nicotine included, This is 0% !
  • Good for your haleness, Good for anyone around you, Good for Now &Ever !
  • No more cigs paper &cigs butts on the street, Better fou our Planet !
  • No matter the weather, Every season you're free to Vop Weed !
  • No more tobacco shop runs, Delivering directly at home !
  • So i bored nobody and nobody bored me when i smoke

This is only 10 first reasons,feel free to tell us your first one, add your comment !